1. Flood Mitigation & Safety

I want to bring my skill as a Ph.D. geologist to proactively solve the flooding problem.

  • New development needs to preserve existing green space and provide surface detention with landscaping. Trees soak up water too. New construction should not cut down mature, healthy trees.
  • Drainage projects should be broad in scope and cost effective.
  • LiDAR (light detection and ranging technology) shows a dam at the railroad tracks through Southdale that needs to be opened by the railroad or the county.
High-water during the Harvey Flood extending up streets and dammed by the railroad and undersized bridges. (hcfcd.org, 2017)
  • Interaction and influence on county projects for Brays Bayou are critical.

Police on the beat and street lights help keep us safe.

  • Keep up the good work, Bellaire police! But we still have car burglaries and other crime, especially around the perimeter of Bellaire.
  • Street lights help prevent accidents and crime. Where there is a demand from residents, the city should install standard street lights. Expensive decorative lighting is not necessary.
  • Nobody is safe if they’re not safe from flooding. As more pavement goes in, including the big 610-I-69 interchange, houses may eventually flood that never flooded before. No more green space when TxDOT gets done.
  • No heavy hand of government putting in ‘connectivity’ pathways. Standard sidewalks should go where residents want them, as other street and drainage work progresses.

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