Who Am I?

  • I started out as a starving artist in Tucson, Arizona, where I got a BFA in studio arts at the University of Arizona. I loved going out to the desert, seeing the rocks and mountains and the stars in a very dark sky. You can see the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy there. 
  • I went back to school to study geology at the University of Arizona (BS), then  Stanford University (MS) and finally a PhD from Colorado School of Mines. 
  • I bought my first home in Bellaire in 1991 because it was a safe place and a quiet neighborhood.  I fixed up my little house the way I like it and invested heart and soul in the flowers and garden.  
  • In my 28 years in Bellaire, I welcomed refugees and international students into my home, and I remain close friends with them today.
  • After thirty years in the oil industry, I still love being a geologist, and I’m concerned about flooding in Bellaire.  I retired from ExxonMobil to be the caregiver for my father and brother.  Now I’m ready to start a new career serving my neighbors.
  • My early interest in council activities began in the 90s when I helped petition Bellaire to close streets at the loop to keep children and pets safe from cut-through traffic. An avid bicycle rider, I personally value the quiet streets and safe neighborhoods of Bellaire.
  • I am an active member of First Presbyterian Church of Houston.