Current Council Behavior

Incumbents in the 2019 race were elected in 2015.  Their record shows:

  • Council seems proud that they haven’t raised taxes to the maximum every year, but they shouldn’t have to raise them at all. They can cut spending instead.
  • There are 65 council priorities in the FY 2020 Budget Story presentation (July 15).  A list that long is wish list, not a priorities list.  Council won’t trim anything because they are told it was their priority. 
  • Citizens of Bellaire proposed over $1.3 million in possible savings from not filling open positions, eliminating IT and equipment upgrades, and more —never touching parks, library, 4th of July and Christmas celebrations, or the Daddy Daughter Dance. Most of those cuts were roundly ignored, including the IT frills and equipment upgrades that staff vigorously defended.

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